About Us

Tru-Lock Flooring is a proudly South African company based in Durban, Kwazulu Natal (KZN) specializing in the manufacturing of interlocking floors. We specialize in the supply and installation of PVC Rubber interlocking floors (also known as interlocking rubber mats) that are perfect for industrial, commercial and domestic use.
Tru-Lock Flooring may be based in Durban but our interlocking rubber mats are for sale and are installed across South Africa [Pretoria, Centurion, Johannesburg, Midrand and Bloemfontein]. Not only is Tru-Lock Flooring unique, easy to install, durable and low maintenance, but our ultra lock tiles are eco friendly. Our PVC flooring is made of 100% recyclable eco rubber. Our company focuses on customer service and with our product being used in industrial, commercial and domestic areas, we have made sure that this product is safe to use in all situations.
Our interlocking rubber mats for sale are fire and chemical resistant making it perfect for industrial use, non slip for domestic, insulating and sound absorbing for commercial use. We pride ourselves on an intelligent tile design, that is durable and of the highest quality available. Our Mission Statement is simple – Making our interlocking tiles the answer to your flooring needs.
Why are PVC interlocking floors such a good investment?
Not only is our rubber mats affordable but they are an easy solution to damage and unsightly floors. They are extremely durable and resilient on both wet and dry flooring.
Our rubber mats offer a use range of uses in a multiple areas, a few that may surprise you such as, garages, gyms, game rooms, kids play areas, kitchens, office areas, showrooms, factories, workshops and schools.
Garages, game rooms, office areas, workshops and schools:
Our interlocking mats are versatile, affordable, decorative and easy to install. Ideal for DIY enthusiasts as well as large industrial and commercial applications. Please feel free to download the product pdf available. The slip and wear resistance is perfect for schools.
Gyms, kids play areas, showrooms and factories:

Our rubber mats have excellent shock absorption for joints and limbs and are slip and wear resistant.
Comprehensive protection and softening effects are substantial compared to concrete and asphalt.
Kitchens, Showrooms and Factories:
Popular in restaurants, commercial, showrooms and factories and commercial kitchens due to being stain and water resistant.


PVC lock floors (also known as rubber mats) can withstand tough environments and weight conditions making it an ideal and cost effective solution for both wet and dry applications.
Other Tru-Lock products include:

Tru-Shine: Polymer Wax Floor Coating.
• Available in 5 & 25 Litres at R215 – R970.
• For easier maintenance and brilliant shine.
• Easy to apply, quick drying and cost effective.
• Specifically developed for Tru-Lock flooring.

Tru-Glu: Polyurethane adhesive
• (Part A & Part B) available in 6kg & 36kg / R199 – R1150. (36Kg + 72m2 coverage)
• a Chemically bonding adhesive with unparalleled adhesion and strength. Specifically designed to bond Tru-Lock floor tiles. A two part, solvent free, Castor oil based, two-part polyurethane adhesive.
Please take note that you can download the following PDF product catalogues by simply clicking on our Resources tab:
• Tru-Lock Installation Guide
• Tru-Lock Tru-Glu Technical Data Sheet
• Tru-Lock Product Specifications Guide
• Tru-Lock Material Data Sheet
• Tru-Lock Product Applications Guide
Contact us via the online contact form or by emailing sales@trulock.co.za or giving us a call on 076 802 9737