Commercial Tru-Lock™ Flooring

Tru-Lock interlocking tiles are perfect for Commercial uses such as Floor Protection, Stadiums, Modular Homes, Computer Rooms and Reception Areas.  Commercial floors offer by far the widest range of applications for the use of PVC lock tiles. It is important to understand the specific requirements for each application.  Tru-Lock tiles are perfect for Rubber Gym Flooring as they are easy to install, low maintenance and Non Slip.  With over 210 Gyms nationwide, Gym floor mats are a perfect and Cost effective solution for any gym owner.  Gym flooring tiles need to be tough and durable to withstand the huge amount of foot traffic on a daily basis.  In a time that fitness and health, clean and green living are of high importance, members can also be assured that the Tru-Lock Rubber Gym Tiles / Gym Mats are Eco Friendly and the Eco Rubber is 100% recyclable.

Tru Lock Floors are also perfect for Events Flooring and Sound studios due to its sound absorbing quality, Temporary Promotions, more Permanent Office spaces, Computer Rooms and school flooring. The versatility of Tru-Lock PVC interlocking floors are endless. Rubber interlocking tiles for sale at Tru-Lock Flooring are not just a affordable purchase but a “Tru” investment.  Our Tru Lock Tiles are great Value for money.

Tru-Lock interlocking tiles should be the foundation of any commercial Restaurant.  Tru-Lock PVC flooring can handle the daily wear and tear of the restaurant environment. A Commercial kitchen floor faces daily grease spills and other leaks, which make Tru Lock Floors unique as they are easy to clean and the non slip safety feature will keep employees on their feet.  Regardless of the season, commercial entry ways to Commercial Restaurants are accidents just waiting to happen.  During rainy seasons, moisture creeps through open doorways and turns floors into safety hazards creating potential liabilities.  Tru Lock flooring is the cost effective way to keep your staff and clients safe.

Our Rubber Interlocking tiles are also Fire and Chemical Resistant.  Tru-Lock Flooring is based in Durban, Kwazulu Natal (KZN)  but installs PVC Lock Floors across South Africa  [Durban, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Midrand and Centurion].  Our company focuses on customer service and with our product being used in industrial, commercial and domestic areas, we have made sure that this product is safe to use in all situations.

We pride ourselves on an intelligent tile design, which is durable and of the highest quality available coupled with a highly experienced team that will gladly assist with a quote on True Lock Tiles, technical information on PVC flooring or just honest advice on the best permanent or temporary lock floors for your needs.

Our Mission Statement is simple – Making our Interlocking Tiles the answer to your PVC flooring needs.  Why are PVC interlocking floors such a good investment?

  • A Easy Solution to damaged and unsightly floors
  • Extremely Durable and Resilient
  • Wet and Dry Flooring solution

Requesting a quote for True lock tiles for sale is as easy as filling in 4 simple questions and our qualified staff will get back to you within 24hrs – guaranteed.

Please take note that you can download the following PDF product catalogues by simply clicking on our Resources tab:

  • Tru-Lock Installation Guide
  • Tru-Lock Tru-Glu Technical Data Sheet
  • Tru-Lock Product Specifications Guide
  • Tru-Lock Material Data Sheet
  • Tru-Lock Product Applications Guide

If you have any questions regarding which Tru-Lock flooring is best for you, request a price list or wondering can Tru-Look be installed near me, then simply Contact Us via the online contact form, by emailing or giving us a call on 076 802 9737.






Product Specification

Benefits Of Tru-lock Tiles:

  • Unique Bolstered interlocking join
  • Interlocking PVC tile
  • Green product 100% recyclable
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Fire retardant
  • Non-Slip
  • Resistant to most chemicals Insulating thermal properties Sound Absorbing
  • Anti fatigue
  • Resists punctures & abrasions
  • Permanent or Temporary
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